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     OK!  I admit it, I love to have a Netflix series running in the background when I am doing chores like laundry, cleaning, watering plants - you get the idea.  I also like a series that goes on FOREVER so I can turn it on without making ANY decisions.  Here's what I have watched so far this year ...  

Good Witch - The first time I tried this I thought it was too dumb and mind numbing, but on the second round it was perfect background noise.  I love (and think it's incredibly stupid) that Cassie has a soothing voice and always, let me emphais, always knows the right solution to every problem.  As a huge fan of witches generally, the streak of magic that runs through this series is fun.  And there was enough intrigue in the characters that kept half my attention leaving ample room for chore completion.         

Royal Pains - Yup, I watched this.  I can't decide which is dumber Good Witch or Royal Pains, but apprently, dumb attracts me.  This was like watching Lassie episodes but instead of the collie, we had the main doctor, Hank.  In Lassie, this collie would come across all kinds of disasters and have to figure out how to fix the disaster with someone she could find.  In Royal Pains, Hank comes across all kinds of medical disasters and has to figure out how to fix each, often with nearby objects. I think maybe the cost of filming on those sets left very little money for Hank's wardrobe because he mostly wears jeans and an untucked button down shirt.  Somewhat embarrasing that I enjoyed this show! 

Loudermilk - Unlike the 8 millioin episodes in the above series, this one had just a few.  So my husband (team member) and I watched one episode a night.  Parts of this series were hysterically funny, other parts were painfully awful. It kept my attention, not sure what that says about me? Maybe that I like wathcing little kids fight on a playground and then play together?  

HBO/The Sopranos - I never saw this when it came out in the 90's.  It has the perequisite 8 million episodes that I trend toward.  The characters are interesting, most of the acting is fun to watch, the background of the cast is fascinating and parts are laugh out loud funny.  My most recent favorite line is from Tony talking to the therapist and he says something like "What is this a women thing where you ask me about my feelings and then beat me up with them?" Plus, I enjoy the accents that remind me of some of my husband's NJ relatives.

The Resident - Not unlike the Lassie genre, the residents encounter more rare, unusual medical problems than ever seen before in one location and everytime the senior resident cocks his head to one side as a look spreads across his face that says I know how to fix this, all while he sports tattoos, pointer finger ring and leather and rope bracelets instead of collie fur.  Every once in 100 episodes, they lose someone - to keep it real.  Lassie was really onto something with the theme of disaster, impending death, and miraculous save. 

 Young Sheldon - It's Sheldon, he's young.  Talent all around.  'nuff said.  

More to come! 

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